Facial rejuvenation

Our skin is made up of different layers and each of them behaves differently against aging. On one side is the epidermis, or the most superficial layer, which over the years develops into rough, dimly lit skin. On the other hand, the dermis or deep layer, which is characterized by deep and pronounced wrinkles and sagging. It also has some basic needs:

  • Good facial hygiene. This is important as contaminants and dead cells block the treatment passage to deep layers. Exfoliants help us remove these impurities and give us access to action.
  • The lack of softness and elasticity, the lack of luminosity favor the appearance of “dehydration wrinkles”, especially on the cheekbones and the eye contour.
  • Antioxidants and sun protection. 90% of the signs of premature aging are caused by free radicals. Sun, tobacco, pollution, stress, poor nutrition, etc. They promote the formation of these free radicals. Sun protection is therefore the first barrier against skin aging.

So we first assess the patient and their individual needs. We will take a medical history, in many cases a full analysis, and then create a specific plan for your particular case, for which we will provide the best services and treatments that will ensure the improvement in wrinkles, tension and hydration of the skin and keep the skin younger and makes it more natural.