Vision problems

Refractive surgery

It is a specialty of eye surgery that is designed to reduce or eliminate both myopia and hyperopia and astigmatism.
The patient should always be examined beforehand by an ophthalmologist who will explain the various best options in their case.
We are experts in correcting vision problems with lasers and there are many different techniques for refractive surgery. For this we use:
Excimer laser technology. With the LASIK technique, we correct the visual defect and then restore the original position of the corneal sheet. It is used depending on the preoperative examination of the patient: age, lack of eye disease, sufficient corneal thickness, … This determines whether we opt for this or other techniques (e.g. implantation of an intraocular lens
Operation of the natural lens with a PRELEX multifocal lens. It is the only multifocal lens with HD vision. In most cases it enables us to have good distance, medium and near vision and minimizes the phenomena of “glare” (nocturnal visual light rings) and dysphotopsia (foggy sensation, etc.) until they almost disappear. It is ideal for patients with presbyopia or cataracts.

Myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism

Myopia is a refractive defect in which the person cannot focus on distant objects because the eye is “longer” than normal. This sometimes causes headaches and visual problems. It can be passed on from parents to children. It is corrected with glasses, contact lenses, intraocular lenses or laser techniques such as LASIK or PRK
Hyperopia is the difficulty in focusing on nearby objects, unlike myopia. It’s because the eye is shorter than normal. It often causes headache and eye irritation from exertion. It can also be treated with glasses, intraocular PRELEX lenses, or laser techniques for refractive surgery.
Astigmatism is a vision problem that results from the cornea not being symmetrical in all curvatures. This leads to poor vision at any distance. It can also be corrected with glasses, with PRELEX toric intraocular lenses – or with lasers.