Any tissue in the eye can develop a tumor at any time. Tumors of the eyelids are very common and appear as irregularities or “lumps” that can be mistaken for other lesions such as a stye or chalazion. They require a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis.

These tumors can be benign or malignant, but all require thorough and timely examination by your ophthalmologist. There are several types of tumors:

  • Lid tumors (usually irregularities or “bumps” on the eyelids). They are usually benign but require a biopsy for an accurate diagnosis.
  • Conjunctival tumors: These lesions generally appear as a point or small raised area with blood vessels on the white background of the eye.

  • Specific tumors of the eye (internal).
    Sometimes they are malignant (melanoma, retinoblastoma, …). In other cases it is metastasis from another tumor, and in benign cases laser treatments are sometimes done. Early diagnosis is essential